Comment réduire (et non supprimer) le dossier WinSxS de VISTA SP1 / SP2

WinSxS (et non WINSYS) ne se supprime pas sinon Windows serait HS…

Use vsp1cln.exe to clean up after Windows Vista SP1

One method that does seem to work is removing the redundant files left over after installing Windows Vista SP1. Thankfully, Microsoft provides the Windows Vista SP1 Files Removal Tool (vsp1cln.exe), which does just that. The tool is automatically installed as part of the SP1 upgrade, and you can find it at \%windir%\system32\vsp1cln.exe. I describe how to use the vsp1cln.exe in the TR Dojo video, “Remove all remnants of the Windows Vista SP1 installation files”. Just make sure you’re sticking with SP1 before running the tool, as you can’t remove SP1 afterwards.

Cliquer sur > Démarrer / Recherche / et saisir “vsp1cln

Use compcln.exe to clean up after Windows SP2

Just like cleaning up after SP1, you can use the Service Pack Clean-up tool (compcln.exe) to remove the files left over after installed Windows Vista SP2. Compcln.exe is an improved version of the earlier vsp1cln.exe tool. It is installed as part of the SP2 upgrade, and you’ll find it at \%windir%\system32\compcln.exe. As with vsp1cln.exe, running compcln.exe will prevent you from removing SP2.